Christian González

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Vice Chancellor of Research Universidad de Chile.

Research topics:

  • Neuron-astrocyte communication during aging
  • Mechanisms involved in astrocyte senescence. Effects on neuronal function
  • Generation of neurons and microglia from cells derived from aged subjects, or with pathologies
    associated with aging (Alzheimer's and frontotemporal dementias).
  • Modifications in mitochondrial function in neurons derived from pathologies of the nervous
    system (ApoE4 and tau variants) in the GERO cohort and others.
  • Effects and mechanisms of the ketogenic diet on brain and organism functions in aged animal
  • Obesity as an accelerator of aging in a cohort of Chilean subjects
  • Healthy aging: Alexandros longitudinal study.
  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms