The world is aging rapidly and Chile’s not an exception. Chilean life expectancy in the last 50 years has increased to a rate of 4 years per decade, which makes us the second country with the highest life expectancy after Canada.

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is a video game developed by a multidisciplinary team between GERO and SixtythreeStudio, integrated by scientifics, designers and programmers. Through a game GERO wants to bring closer to a non-expert public the researching activity.

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Is the first book with coloring and cut-out activities developed by our center for children in the first and second school cycle. We know today that aging can be determined by our habits and lifestyle. Learn and discover with GERO the factors that can help us improve our aging.


Document “Elderly population and COVID-19: A contribution of Chilean State Universities”
Year 2020

The COVID-19 pandemics have significantly affected the Chilean population, however the elderly population has been the most affected, due to the severity of the clinical symptoms and consequences of lockdown. This document is a contribution of faculty organized in the CUECH Research Network Thematic Roundtable for Aging, to discuss what the pandemics has meant to the elderly population, and from an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional approach aims at commiting knowledge for decision-making in the important stage after overcoming the pandemics.

Care for People with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in the context of COVID-19
Year: 2020

Indications on care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in a quarantine or social distancing context due to COVID-19 made by the Transdisciplinary Network on Aging, University of Chile, in collaboration with the Memory and Neuropsychiatry Clinic - El Salvador Hospital, GERO, Coprad and Sonepsyn.

Policy Paper “Prevention and comprehensive approach of dementias. Advances and challenges for public policy regarding neurocognitive disorders”
Year: 2019

There are topics that can’t be ignored by the future Chile. One of them is the aging of its population. Multiple consequences are associated with this phenomenon, being dementias the most important. They are characterized by the deterioration of one or more cognitive abilities, generally associated with behavioral alterations, which altogether are enough to cause loss of independence of people’s daily life activities. Currently there are more than 200.000 people living with some type of dementia in our country. Considering the impact at the family level of these diseases, it can be inferred that almost 800.000 people are assuming the burden of the disease, whether it is the care provision involved or just by being part of family or closer groups. The Policy Paper “Prevention and comprehensive approach of dementias. Advances and challenges for public policy regarding neurocognitive disorders” is an approach from different outlooks to this phenomenon and its impacts on society.