International Advisory Committee GERO carries out evaluation visit

During January 15th and 16th, 2024, the GERO Center had the honor of receiving the distinguished International Advisory Committee. This committee, comprised of prominent experts such as Brian Kennedy from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Felipe Sierra from Hevolution, and Bruno Vellas from the University Hospital of Toulouse, played a pivotal role in evaluating the overall performance of the center.

Throughout their stay, committee members actively engaged in various activities. Presentations were given by principal investigators, associate researchers, as well as young researchers and students associated with the GERO Center. This interaction provided a comprehensive insight into ongoing research and projects.

A highlight of the visit was the dedicated session for conversations with young researchers and students. This dialogue allowed the Advisory Committee to gain firsthand impressions about the center and the participants’ expectations. These perspectives will be crucial for the development of a comprehensive evaluation report, which will include valuable suggestions for the continued growth and success of the GERO Center.

The presence of the International Advisory Committee not only strengthened collaborative ties but also provided an invaluable opportunity to reflect on the center’s achievements and challenges, highlighting its commitment to excellence in aging research and geroscience.

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